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7 February 2016

Edexcel GCSE (9-11) History 'interpretations' questions

Like many other History teachers out there, I'm starting to get to grips with the new GCSE History specifications.  I've decided to follow Edexcel's GCSE (9-1) History course, for reasons which I may well blog about later.  My school follows a three year Key Stage 4, so Year 9 students have just begun their course.  The new wave of textbooks have not yet been produced, so I'm creating my own materials to address the new styles of question.

This is one such lesson, in which I'm attempting to prepare students for the two four-mark interpretation questions on Paper 3.  The PowerPoint and worksheets are included in the resources section of my website here.

First, a conversation about what an interpretation is, the process of creating an interpretation and the relationship between interpretations and the available evidence.

Then an activity comparing two interpretations of school life.  First of all, focusing on how interpretations differ, and then why they differ.  The criteria for these are based on information gleaned from the new Edexcel syllabus.

Then a subsequent activity comparing two interpretations of Stresemann, using the same process as the previous activity.

Finally, a summative activity in which students use model paragraphs comparing the interpretations of school life to write their own paragraphs comparing the interpretations of Stresemann.

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