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24 August 2015

More than just subject knowledge...

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17 August 2015

Assessing progress through Key Stage 3: a follow-up

In my last post, I shared the new Key Stage 3 assessment framework which I have created to enable us to assess students' progress without the use of levels.  This framework is, of course, generic and abstract, merely setting out a very broad outline of what progress might look like in students' historical knowledge, skills and understanding.  In this is follow-up post, I'm going to share how I intend to apply this framework to assessing specific pieces of students' work in class.

From time to time, students will be set a summative task which will allow us to assess their progress at the end of a specific unit of work.  Before students complete these summative tasks, they will receive a tailored mark sheet which applies the new framework to the specific task in hand.  You can see an example mark sheet below, for a task which students will carry out after they have completed their unit of work on invasion and migration to Britain pre-1066.


As you can see, the four broad attainment descriptors of the framework have been applied very directly to the content and demands of the task set.  Along with this, the mark sheet also provides scope for students to self assess and peer assess before receiving teacher feedback.

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