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11 November 2014

Speed dating in 1930s Germany

My Year 9 students are working on the rise of the Nazis.  As part of this sequence of lessons, I want them to gain an understanding of how and why the Nazis' message appealed to different sections of German society.  In order to do that, they need to understand some of the economic, social and political discontent which formed the backdrop to the Nazis' success in the early 1930s.  I've designed an episode of speed dating served to achieve this goal - and the activity could easily apply be applied to other contexts.  You can download the materials used to deliver the activity below.  I'll be delivering this lesson later today.  Watch this space for video footage of the lesson being delivered!
HOW IT WORKS: Allocate students character cards.  They get into character by completing a short reading activity in which they are required to work out what their character's hopes, dreams, fears and wishes are.
Once this is completed, divide the class into groups of 5 (one of each of the five different characters).  Line them up facing each other and you're ready to go speed dating!  Students have only two minutes to talk to each of their 'dates' and record their discoveries.
FOLLOW UP ACTIVITY: After this activity, my students should be ready for us to examine the Nazis' 25 point programme and begin to judge which aspects of the programme appealed to different sections of society.

See the powerpoint slides

Download the cards and worksheet

**UPDATE**: I delivered the activity to my Year 9 students today.  You can see the results for yourself below.

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